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Are you too busy making a living or taking care of others, to create the First Class Life and Lifestyle you want for YOU? Over 750,000 have had their lives forever changed. This is your moment, your chance to Reimagine Your Life the way you want it to be Today…and Redirect Your Life to achieve it.

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Don’t Know Where to Go?

Don’t Know Where to Go?

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We’ll Sit & Talk

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And Find The Solution

Living First Class System

Dr. Karen Perkins, MBA, DBA will guide you in her internationally acclaimed “Living First Class” System that gives you…

  • Simple, Easy Steps that bring you…
  • Immediate Results and…
  • Greater, Deeper Relationships with…
  • Purpose and Focus, and give you the…
  • Short Cut to Actually Living First Class…
  • Beyond Your Wildest Dreams!
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This Step-By-Step System includes 6 Modules, each with powerful benefits you can use right away:

Imagine how much richer life will become when you begin establishing a deeper, more meaningful relationship with your spouse or partner, and others you share connections with… and begin to clearly see who your “2 percenters” are who will build a life relationship with you.

Life Purpose Assessment, $599 Value

Dr. K recognized years ago that most psychological and emotional assessment tests were so abstract they rarely achieved practical use, on a personal level, for those assessed. Her unique Life Purpose Assessment was created to bridge that gap, and deliver a simple, easy method to assess your inner drivers and give you immediately actionable steps to accomplish your goals and dreams.

Thousands of people around the world have found this in-depth assessment alone radically changed their life path, and helped them zero in on the things that mattered most to reach their goals. Imagine the power this will have when you combine it with the detailed step-by-step training Dr. Karen has provided in the rest of your Living First Class System.

“Now it all makes sense… I know what (my boss) needs and I can meet those needs and in return have my own satisfied. For the first time since I took this job, I’m not walking on pins and needles waiting to see how she’ll react. I wish I had known this information earlier in life!”
Josh Baxter

Automated Mind Hacks, $279 Value

Super-effective hacks to help you stay focused, stay on track so you achieve the Freedom you deserve. Gathered, tested and proven by Dr. Karen as she’s worked with clients worldwide.

““Thank you for helping me strengthen my inner game. I didn’t realize how much I needed it. Now that my inner game is where it should be, and I’ve got all these great tools for personal and professional success.””
Bob Monson

2 Tickets To Living First Class LIVE 2-Day Intensive, $2000 Value

Thousands have gone through this intense two-day process alone and had amazing results in their life, such as attendee Heidi Beale of Chicago:

“Wow! Wow! I mean really WOW! I laughed, I cried and I gained the courage I need to follow my heart and be happy as well as successful! I not only received my money’s worth, I received ten times more! Worth every dollar!!!”
Heidi Beale

Now You, along with your spouse, partner, teenage child, or a manager or officer in your company can meet Dr. Karen along with Dr. Darwin Perkins and spend two solid days experiencing Living First Class LIVE, as they personally take you through advanced exercises and processes to make sure you achieve the Freedom you desire and deserve. Your admission for two is included when you take action today!

These Bonuses Bring Your Total Value To $10,865…

Dr. Karen Has Made The Entire Program Available To Fast Start Attendees For Only $1497 When You Act Now…
That’s Less Than The Admission To Living First Class LIVE Alone!

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